More Custom ID Lanyard Options at Wholesale Lanyards

Wholesale Lanyards offer you with more custom lanyard options than ever. We have various collections of attachments, stock colors, fabric, and imprint styles. We will make your custom lanyard as unique as you want in a very affordable price.

We offer you with different hooks or clasps for your ID Lanyards to attractively attach anything that you want to your lanyards. If you want a cheap clasp, trigger hooks are the perfect choice as your attachment. Tear drop hook is used for easy detachment and is commonly used by corporate employees.

Swivel J hooks and plastic J hooks are ideal if you want a lightweight attachment that can carry out cards or tag names. We also have key rings to attach important keys and other valuable things. Your thing would be more secure and hard to detach from the lanyard. Cell phone hooks, oval hook, thumb hook, carabineer and multiple hooks are also available at Wholesale Lanyards. We also offer customization of your attachments or hooks to make it unique.

For a more impressive look on your custom lanyard, we provide full Pantone color matching to achieve the lanyard color that you desire. When it comes to fabrics, only premium quality fabric materials are used to produce our custom lanyard products. We will ensure that all your expectations will be met as we only provide you the best service.

landyardAside from these attachments, we also offer badge reels and holders to make your ID Lanyards easier to use. Badge reels are casings that can house retractable cord inside. It is an important accessory for company employees since it holds identification cards, keys, and other valuable things. Choose the right badge reels for you to be attached on your lanyard and make sure to match it with your working environment.

There are different types of badge reel that you can try using your custom lanyard. No twist badge reels would make easier for you to pull out and swipe your I-card. The reel has a special piece of plastic that keeps the cord from twisting. It is ideal if you need your badge reel to be always visible. A swiveling badge reel has a clip on its back and is commonly used by people who keep their badge on their pockets, collar or belt. If you want high quality reels, heavy duty reels is perfect for rough and outdoor activities. It uses wire retractable cord that makes it durable instead of commonly used vinyl cords.

We provide different sizes for your badge reels and that can be paired with your custom lanyards. We can shape it according to your company or organization’s logo.

Choosing the color of your badge reel is also essential since it should match with your company’s uniform.  We provide various color choices for badge reels that you can choose from. If you want a more professional look, colors such as white, black or metallic reels are suited for you. You can use bright coloured badge reels for casual workplace or you can match it according to your organization’s theme or logo. You can also attach it to clothing or belts with its clip on the back. We can also customize them according to your desired design and match it with your lanyard design.

We have various collections of badge holders that you can decide on as well. We have our standard clear plastic for name tags and badges, magnetically attached badges to keep your important credentials in place without harming your clothing, trade show and conference badges, rigid card protection perfect for heavy-duty applications, armband ID holders, card dispensers, and multiple and smart card holders.

plastic lanyardNot only that! We also have different accessories to attach on to your ID Lanyards. From round plastic chip, square plastic chip, plastic & metal, large plastic clamp, metal carabineer, plastic lanyard reels, metal round reel and badge holders, you can choose whatever you want for your lanyard.

Options for your lanyard cord are also available at Wholesale Lanyards. Choosing your lanyard cord is also important as with your lanyard’s design. We have snap buckle cords that can be detached at the lower part together with your identification so you can carry your ID without its cord. Safety buckle is also offered by our team and is very helpful for emergencies. It automatically opens as the cord experience great strain. This can help provide you into getting injury during accidents.

You can never go wrong with Wholesale Lanyards when it comes to pricing. At lower prices, you can have our top quality custom ID Lanyards and other products. In addition, we made it easier for you to order our products and have them delivered to you. We always make it to a point that our customers came to the right place in choosing the best custom lanyards that they deserve to have.

The Interplay between your Company and Ours (at

If you think there’s no dynamics between your company and ours (at, you’re mistaken.

We have a supply-demand relationship, which is mutual at best.  You’d be correct in saying that our demand concerns revenue – as is the case with you (we’d suppose) and every other proprietary endeavor. However, on the other hand, chances are, you don’t know what your need is, but there is.
Allow us to explain.

A company and its people

A company is typically composed of different departments: operations, marketing, finance, accounting, sales, technical, etc. These departments comprise a single cohesive structure, which works and functions as one. If one department fails, the entire structure falls.

In the same way, a department is composed of different sub-departments, or offices or teams. These teams have different roles pertaining to their department, and they are expected to work together seamlessly. If one team fails, the entire department falls.

In the same way again, a team is composed of different members. These employees have their specific roles, called jobs, contained in their job descriptions. In the micro-corporate perspective, each of these jobs is essential for their respective teams to work. If one member performs poorly, the entire team suffers.Speaker

By now, you see what we mean. True, your corporation is a juridical entity – an artificial person, in legal parlance – endowed with certain rights and characteristics by law. For all intents and purposes, a corporation can act as if it is a person – buy, sell, sue, etc. However, in the physical sphere, this artificial person is composed of natural persons – you, your officers and your employees. In order to motivate a company, or move it towards a direction you want it to, you have to get the people comprising it to move. That’s where motivation comes in.


Motivation has a twofold purpose: (1) fight and prevent negativity; and (2) steer people towards, or keep them in, positivity.

Regardless of the nature of your company, you and your people have that need to be motivated. It is natural. Being the human beings that we are, we have feelings, emotions and moods that can affect our work. Professionalism does not remove each of our personas and identities. It only makes us follow a certain norm or socially accepted conduct. With us being naturally emotional, intellectual and perceptual, we get swayed by both personal and work-related problems. Likewise, we have our own personal goals that may not be the company’s goals. Motivation helps us fight those problems and reach our goals.

Our business at

In our company, we make it our business to give you and your people the appropriate motivational speeches – tailor-fit, well-researched, fun and exactly what you need.

We make people laugh to catch and sustain attention, and make the experience enjoyable for all the participants. We believe that when people are having fun, they are perceptive, critical and attentive.

We take pride in claiming that we do our homework thoroughly and research every speech we make, lest we be purely standup comedy. Research makes discussions relevant, steering the talk towards the desired direction – for example, you want your people to understand a new HR policy, or you want them to rev up their sales, etc.

What ties both humor and technical knowhow is our rich experience: experience in speaking before huge crowds of all kinds of people (executives, supervisors, and rank-and-files), and experience in dealing with all kinds of circumstances. We, at, have long been doing this job as best as we can, and our clients can very well attest to that.

You’ll reap benefits of the intangible and non-quantifiable type: happy and satisfied people, and good performance from them. Everyone knows that a happy, satisfied and motivated workforce, who performs wonderfully, means green for the business. You’ll later on realize that the costs you expended for this effort are actually investments in the long run.

So if you need us, you know where to reach us:

What is MK-2866?

Before deciding whether to buy MK-2866 or not, you should first understand what this new drug is all about. MK-2866, more commonly known as Enobosarm or Ostarine, is a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator); it is taken to prevent and treat cases of muscle wasting. Muscle wasting is a medical phenomena characterized by a significant decrease in the mass of muscles. Muscle wasting is also clinically known as muscle atrophy. MK-2866 is also sometimes used for Testosterone or Hormone replacement therapies.

Why buy MK-2866?

Compared to steroids, which performs almost the same function, MK-2866 does not perform androgenic activities in muscles not attached to bones. Being selective, it only performs its tasks on specific tissues situated near (or on) the bones, particularly the ligaments and tendons. MK-2866 is an effective way to maintain lean body mass – the amount of weight you can carry on your body, excluding fats.

Uses of MK-2866

People who intend to buy MK-2866, do so because of the following uses of this investigational drug:

docmakerFirstly, MK-2866 is used for lean muscle building. Anyone who wants to gain lean muscles can buy MK-2866 to achieve remarkable results. The effect is a bulky feel in and around the muscles, but unlike steroids, the buildup is made of lean mass and is therefore easier to maintain. Lean mass buildup of around 7 pounds should be visible after taking a 25-milligram dose of this drug each day for eight weeks.

Secondly, MK-2866 enhances lean mass, but cuts back on body fats. One major concern of people going on a less carbohydrate diet is the loss of muscle mass. With MK-2866, one can cut his calorie intake without worrying a bit about losing muscle or strength. The anabolic capabilities of MK-2866 make sure that muscle is still formed despite a significant loss in carbohydrates.

Thirdly, MK-2866 takes pride in its ability to aid in body recomposition or recomping. What is recomping? This is the phenomena wherein the body fat lost is added as muscle yet no significant change in weight is seen. How does MK-2866 achieve this? The answer lies in the process called nutrient partitioning. The success of MK-2866 in aiding the bodies’ recomping is because of this benefit. This drug takes the calories out of the body fat and feeds the calories to the muscle tissues.

Lastly, MK-2866 is one good means to prevent and treat injuries. MK-2866 promotes anabolism of bones and skeletal muscles. A significant increase in these two types of muscles can help increase bone density. An increase in bone density secures a decrease in the risk of osteoporosis, a common bone problem among women aged 40 and up. Keep in mind those stronger bones means less accidents. And if in case accidents did happen, the anabolic property of this drug ensures a quick and healthy increase in muscle mass which helps in the quicker healing of tendons and ligaments.

The advantages of MK-2866

Hormone replacementMK-2866 is a non-methylated drug. This drug contains no methyl, which is considered as a toxic substance in the liver. So, the steroid substitute is safe enough to be taken daily. In addition to that, this drug shows no negative effect on blood pressure.

Unlike steroids that can sometimes cause emotional changes such as aggression (which can often affect you life and the lives of people around you), MK-2866 promotes a great sense of well being minus the negativity, making this a better drug than steroids.

Lastly, people on MK-2866 need not wait long in between cycles. Unlike those on steroids, people on SARMs require less recovery in-between cycles. The longer the rest period you have, the greater chance of going back to the old habit and losing what you already gained.